Data Protection Policy

1. Scope

1.1 The present Data Protection Policy applies for all data collected, exchanged or otherwise disclosed when using Corum’s E-Boutique. 

1.2 By using the E-Boutique and its webpage, customer accepts the present Data Protection Policy.

2. Data provided by customer, use and storage

2.1 Customer declares that the data submitted to Corum is accurate, complete and true. Customer keeps its personal access codes strictly confidential and does not allow third parties to connect to the E-Boutique with his/her access codes. 

2.2 Corum uses the date for the following purposes: (i) managing and processing of sales, (ii) handling customer requests, (iii) carry out services, (iv) contact customers, (v) process warranties and tracing products, (vi) managing marketing and information services (e.g. Newsletter) and (vii) making sales analysis. 

2.3 Corum collects, stores and processes the data for its use only. Data is not made available to third parties except Corum partners involved in the handling of the goods and processing the sales of the E-Boutique. Data might be transferred to data centers for storage purposes only. Customer’s data is expected to be stored during 5 years.

3. Downoad, access and security measures

3.1 Upon due registration, customer has access to its data and can download it.

3.2 Corum warrants transportability of the data upon customer’s request in due time.

3.3 Corum complies with standard security and data protection regulations in Switzerland and Europe and takes all adequate reasonable measures to safeguard data security. Given however the nature of internet, Corum cannot guarantee a 100% safety or invulnerability of the data provided to it.

4. Access, Modification and Data Protection Officer

4.1 Registered customers have access to their data through their personal access code. Other customers might request access to their data by sending an e-mail to Access is granted if and to the extent Corum is provided with sufficient proof of the identity.

4.2 Registered Customers can modify, delete and alter their personal data at any time. Other customers might request modifications or deletion of to their data by sending an e-mail to

4.3 For any concern or request regarding customer’s personal data, customers shall address an e-mail to Corum’s Data Protection Officer using the following address:

5. Cookies

5.1 Corum only uses cookies to operate the services of the E-Boutique. No cookies are used to track IP-Addresses or customer’s identification.

5.2 Corum uses Google Analytics in order to better understand the traffic in the E-Boutique in order to facilitate and optimize the customer’s access.

6. Applicable Law and Venue

6.1 The contract between the customer and Corum shall be governed exclusively by the substantive laws of Switzerland excluding the provisions of international private law (to the exception of Art. 116 PILA, which allows such an express choice of law).

6.2 Exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the competent courts at Corum’s office (La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland). Corum only shall additionally have the right to prosecute customer at his/her domicile or any other ordinary place of jurisdiction.

La Chaux-de-Fonds, February 2018
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